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Jake 16, January 2008

Jake 16

Jake, a young yellow male was picked up as a stray by the Medina Co., Ohio, SPCA. He was taken to a vet and was vaccinated, wormed,etc. He was limping when he was picked up. X-rays of his rear leg showed a pin had been placed to hold together a fracture in the mid shaft of the femur. The vet felt that removing the pin would help, since it had migrated into the knee and was altering the position of the patella. After pin removal, Jake continued to limp. The SPCA didn't know what to do with him and had already spent a lot of money on him - money that they didn't have. A local veterinarian who is a board member for the Medina County SPCA became aware of Jake's situation. She offered to pay for the cost of a consult with a board certified orthopedic vet.

The ortho vet found from the X-rays that Jake had a nonunion fracture of the midshaft of the femur and the patella was not in proper position. He performed surgery shaving the nonunion ends of the femur to get fresh bone and placing plates and pins to hold the fracture stable. Jake's first vet then took over possession of Jake. The SPCA did not have the money to pay for the repair and would have amputated the leg or euthanized Jake. Lake Erie Lab Rescue was contacted for help with Jake's expenses and they contacted LABMED.

The LABMED board voted to help with Jake's expenses and LELRR contributed, also. Jake is now on his way to a full recovery with his injured leg intact and healing well.

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