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Application Procedures

The members of the LABMED Board will discuss the application, and may request additional information as needed to come to a decision. The Veterinary Advisory Board of LABMED will be contacted as necessary to assist Board Members in making the funding decision.

LABMED may also require verification that the dog is a Labrador or Lab mix and verification of the medical condition of the dog. LABMED will also review all veterinary charges. Any misrepresentation of the facts or provision of false information about the case will result in immediate closure of the application and denial of funding for any future applications.

The Board will not vote on an application until pictures (either emailed or snail-mailed) of the dog are made available. In the case of Lab mixes, the application will be significantly delayed until photos are received. For purebred Labs, discussion about the case will continue, and a motion can be made and seconded, but the vote will not be called without pictures. The application may be closed if pictures are not received within 30 days of receiving the application.

This photo is primarily used to determine eligibility for funding. Pictures may also be used for documentation and may be used for promotional or fundraising activities. For more information, see

If the members of the LABMED board vote to fund an application, a check will be issued to reimburse, in whole or in part, the expenses billed by veterinarian providing the emergency medical procedure. In some cases an individual may be reimbursed for verified prior medical treatment expenditures (receipts required).

All requested pictures, records, invoices and funding information must be received by LABMED within 30 days after the applicant has been notified of our funding decision and the treatment has been completed or the application will automatically be closed without funding.

If the dog is not approved for funding from LABMED the applicant will be contacted by letter or electronic mail, providing an explanation for the denial and offering possible alternatives to the requesting party.

The applicant will be responsible for supervising final decisions on medical treatment, follow-up, fostering, spaying or neutering, and adoption. Proof of neutering or spaying must be sent to LABMED when that procedure has been completed.

The applicant must agree to stay in periodic contact with LABMED while treatment is ongoing and for a period of at least one year following completion of treatment.

In addition, information on rehoming of the dog should be provided to LABMED, including the name and address of the adopting person(s). Any necessary follow-up treatment information should be provided to LABMED for the duration of the life of the dog, and LABMED must be notified of the death of the dog and cause of death. The above information may be used to gather and maintain pertinent medical information about the Labrador Retriever breed.

The Board of Directors may vote to waive or delay any of the above requirements in the case of a pressing emergency situation. In those rare emergency cases when a vote is taken prior to a picture having been received, no funds will be issued until a picture has been made available. If the vote to fund has passed, and the picture shows a dog who does not meet our guidelines, the approval for funding may be withdrawn.

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