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LABMED Items for Labs and Their Friends!

These items were chosen for their functionality as well as appealing appearance. We felt that these items would not only appeal to our wonderful supporters who spread the LABMED name and mission far and wide, but to those that just wanted a quality product as well. Each of these items has been imprinted with our LABMED name and logo.


  LABMED Euro Oval
Code: LEURO-013
Price: $1.00
Availability: In Stock
LABMED Stopwatch and Compass   LABMED Clip-on Watch
Code: LSWAT-009
Price: $14.95
Availability: In Stock
LABMED mousepad   LABMED Mousepad
Code: LMPAD-005
Price: $4.95
Availability: In Stock

LABMED tennis ball

  LABMED Tennis Ball
Code: LTENN-001
Price: $1.50
Availability: In Stock

LABMED magnet

  LABMED Magnet
Code: LMAGN-010
Price: $1.00
Availability: In Stock
LABMED bumpersticker   LABMED Bumpersticker
Code: LBSTI-011
Price: $2.00
Availability: In Stock
LABMED static cling sticker   LABMED Static Cling Sticker
Code: LSCLI-012
Price: $1.00
Availability: In Stock

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untitled LABMED Paw
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