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Lab Links

Looking for tips on how to housebreak your Lab puppy or information about Lab Rescue in your area? You'll find all that and more in LABMED's list of Labrador Web Links.

Lab Rescue Links

Labrador Retriever Rescue Contacts
A geographic listing of Lab rescue contacts around the country.

Labrador Retriever Club, Inc. Rescue Support
Headed by a National Coordinator who maintains and updates a network of contacts across the country.
Here you will find more than 6,000 homeless Labs and Lab mixes across the country. Many of these dogs are in shelters and will never make it to a Lab Rescue because there just aren't enough rescue organizations across the country. To save a Lab or Lab mix, click on the above link and enter "dog" in the animal box, "Labrador" in the breed box, and either your zip code or your town and state in the location box. Then go through the pages of available Labs and Lab mixes in your area. Photos and email contact information are usually available.

A program of The Pet Savers Foundation, is a nationwide network and referral service for affordable spay/neuter services.

100 ways...
Help Rescue Without Adopting a Dog or Fostering a Dog

Starting a Lab Rescue
Helpful information about starting a rescue program, put together by LABMED

Fundraising Ideas for Rescue Groups
A list of fundraising ideas for lab rescue groups, put together by LABMED
Can We Help You Keep Your Pet? Alternative solutions to giving up your pet to rescue.

Medical and other Advice Sites

Medical Information
A listing of Medical Information Sites put together by LABMED

Vet Schools in the U.S.

Vet Schools in the World.

Davey's Page
Shortly after having life saving surgery, Davey died from a spiderbite. LABMED felt the best way to memorialize this little guy would be to provide a list of links to sources of information on what spiders, insects, common yard and garden plants, and other household products can be harmful or even fatal to pets.

Colby's Story
This page was created by LABMED in memory of Colby. Colby died from a preventable disease, heartworms, in spite of the efforts of the many people who tried to save her. Please read her story, print it out and share it with others.

Sites dedicated to helping place dogs with special needs:

Other Financial Aid Resources

IMOM has created the "Pets in Need" program which offers financial assistance in obtaining veterinary care in emergency and life threatening situations.

Labrador Life Line
A Not for Profit Organization created to help owners or rescuers of Labrador Retrievers who are in need of financial assistance.

United Animal Nations
UAN's LifeLine program provides grants for emergency medical care and their Emergency Animal Rescue Service (EARS) assists animals during both natural and man-made disasters

Web-based resources

Just Labradors

The Labrador Network
Everything about Labs!

K9 Web's Labrador Retriever Home Pages
An awesome index of Lab-related Web pages.

rec.pets.dogs FAQ Homepage
Everything you ever wanted to know about dogs but were afraid to ask.

Retriever Guide
Your online guide to everything Retriever.

Working Retriever Central
Couch potato Labs need not apply.

Visit The Directory Of Dog Web Sites

Just for Fun

High Performance Labs
A brag center for new CHs, HITs, FCs and more.
The Dogs Best Friend

Visit our Shop with those that help us! page to see individuals / companies that give some or all of their profits to LABMED.

E-mail groups of interest to lab lovers

Labrador-L Mailing List
High traffic, high energy Labrador discussion forum.

LABSR4U Mailing List
"The Labrador List with a Heart."

Lab-H Mailing List
Another Labrador mailing list hosted by Hoflin Publishing.

Labrador-related publications

The Labrador International Newsletter Published in England!

International Labrador Review
A Labrador publication for professional breeders by professional breeders.

Just Labs - The Magazine
Coming in the late spring, this first of its kind magazine, from the publishers of The Retriever Journal, is devoted to the family Lab. Sign up for your free premier issue.

Labrador Quarterly
Hoflin Publishing's Who's Who of the Labrador world.

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