U-AGI U-CD Chessie's Life O'Reilly UD, NA, CGC, TDI
~In Loving Memory of Reilly~
October 31, 1988 - December 16, 2003

A special note from Reilly's owner, Deb Hamele:

"From the day you were born you have been my heart dog. Through all of the travels and competitions we attended your only goal was to please me. We were a team, but your companionship and love meant far more than the ribbons and titles that we earned together. Even though your physical body is gone, our souls are forever entwined and you will always be in my heart. I miss you, Ri. The future puppies at Dunn's Marsh are missing out on being looked after by their "Uncle RiRi" which makes me very sad as you were such a patient and gentle soul with them. All of the other dogs miss you too. Good boy. Rest well until we can be together again. Love Deb."

With Love From
Carol, Kevin, Jared, Maia, and Hazel