~In Memory of Trevor~
Unknown - August 21, 2003

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Trevor, I wish I'd known you from puppyhood. But when we met, you were seven, or eight...or nine? What adventures had you had before then? You were so handsome! Despite your game leg and the sickness growing in your heart, had you had a loving family somewhere? You were not neutered -- had you once sired sweet little chocolate replicas of yourself? You knew your commands, though at times choosing not to obey them! You seemed dignified, independent, worried, and confused at first, wanting to love, but not quite ready to let go of your previous life. But though we went down every avenue trying to find what we hoped was a loving family, heartbroken and waiting for your return, it was not to be found. And your heartworms were getting the best of you. A gift comes -- Lab Rescue and Wonderful LABMED will help! Okay, I'll foster you through your treatment--Sam-cat and Radar-cat will just have to adjust and hopefully understand -- just for a few months... But as you recovered so wonderfully from Dr. Cindy's treatment, you spent more and more of your time trying to fit your one hundred pounds in my lap. You gave us the "happy-tail" and big dog smiles  when we came in the door, entered the room, talked to you. You followed us up and down the stairs, shadowed us everywhere, sniffed happily on long weekend morning walks on the bike path or at the park. Lab Rescue "angel" Kim on the phone -- we've found someone who wants to adopt you...seems like a wonderful home! But no, couldn't give you up! Because as your heart had healed, you had stolen mine.

Our years together were short, and no measure of the bond between us. You stayed with us for the wedding as I'd hoped you could, though you I think you were hurting at times those last few months more than we knew. You made sure I'd have Ed's companionship after you had to go. He loved you too, loved how you guarded the bedroom door at night - the night watchman for invading cat sister or brother, and, on camping trips, for other creatures of the night! He accused you of sending "Give me cheese" mind-control thoughts to us when we snacked in front of you, but would have felt rejected if you hadn't cleaned he leftovers from his plate. Teased you about filling the air with your dog-breath so you wouldn't have to smell our unpleasant human-breath, but misses your dog-breath now.

I'm so glad you are not in pain anymore. But I still miss you so. What a joy you were, with your big bulky brown-fur body, big dog smiles, dog kisses, and happy tail! Thank you for your unconditional love and faithfulness, your playfulness, and the lessons you taught me! You will be in my heart forever, my Trevor forever dog! And I will see you at the Rainbow Bridge!

Betsy and Ed Hewitt