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Aaron, November, 2000

AaronAaron was found living loose outside a Texas Steak House in Raleigh, NC, by his rescuers, who were attending the 2000 Raleigh-Durham Lab Specialty. They found Aaron the first night they went out for dinner.

Aaron was a large, black male at first thought to be about 1-1/2 years old who, despite his 98 lb. weight and diet of steak handouts from the steakhouse, was thin.

His rescuers took Aaron back to Ohio (a 10-1/2 hour trip) with them as no one claimed to own the dog and the local shelter had a kill order for him. Once back home in Ohio, his rescuers took him to the vet, who discovered an unhealed dislocated left hip due to Aaron's being hit by a car possibly 3-4 weeks before he was found.

AaronLABMED was contacted for help and we voted to do so; the rescuers raised some funds on their own, and in November 2000, a FHO Femoral Head Ostectomy was done.

We received this update from his rescuers (in their own words):

"Aaron is doing wonderful - he is such a fantastic dog. Had a phone call from North Carolina - a woman . . .who just happens to be a vet tech. She had been trying to capture Aaron since MARCH of 1999--this poor dog had been out on his own for 20 months! He even made it through the hurricane!

He is becoming the perfect house dog - has had only one accident. He is learning how to play - something he did not have the opportunity to do before. He has kennel cough right now and has given it to the rest of my herd - but that is ok.

Thank you again - he was well worth saving."

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