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Abbey, January, 2001

AbbeyAbbey's story is a sadly familiar one to LABMED. Found wandering on the premises of a church in Wayne County, NC, Abbey appeared to be a lost or abandoned family pet. Attempts to find her owners were unsuccessful. This housetrained, obedience trained, quiet and friendly young black Lab was heartworm-positive. She needed to be treated for the heartworm before her rescuer could place Abbey in a new home.

LABMED was happy to pay for Abbey's treatment so that she could be adopted. What stands out for us in Abbey's case is the heartfelt note that we received from Abbey's rescuer. This is a wonderful reminder for all of us that the time and effort we pour into LABMED activities is truly worth our while, and really makes a difference not only to the lives of rescued Labs but to the lives of their rescuers as well.

Abbey"Hey Dranda- I received your acceptance e-mail very late Thursday night,and I have to tell you I just cried - I'm overwhelmed and so very grateful!!! Thank you - thank you - thank you!!! I realize your organization knows that it's doing a good thing for the dogs, but I wonder if you really realize what a great thing you're doing for people as well. A lot of people who love animals don't belong to groups, but rather do things privately as they can.......When people find out that you know animals, love animals and are willing to help them out, they tend to "dump" on you, and you can't say "no" because of the animal, but it kills you to say "yes" because you know the emotional and financial burden you accept responsibility for......There are too many animals who need help, and not enough who care to get involved! When I got your e-mail, it just blew me away - I really have help this time, and I appreciate it more than you will know!! Not just the financial help, but the emotional help too, of knowing that somebody was out there to help me, help Abbey."

Update - March 2001

"Abbey may have found a permanent home with my brother.....They are inseparable when he is not at work. He is the one that was taking her canoeing on the river and riding her all around town, but was very firm when I asked if he didn't want her, that he didn't need a dog. Well apparently Abbey needed him, because she has managed to worm her way into his life, to the point that she is sleeping with him at night, rather than in the kennel or in the laundry room.....She still canoes, rides in the truck all over town and runs the fields behind his house when he is down at the river. Even though (he) has never had a pet, I think he loves her and will take good care of her."

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