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August, August, 1999

August Unclaimed by his owners at a shelter, the big yellow male Lab attracted lots of potential adopters - but all of them turned him down when they noticed his severe limp. One front leg and one rear leg were obviously causing him pain, although his tail never stopped wagging.

Rescued from the shelter by volunteers from the Puget Sound Labrador Retriever Association (PSLRA), the one and a half year old lab was found to have a torn cruciate ligament in his right rear leg, and a pin in his left front shoulder from a previous surgery - he had evidently been hit by a car some months before. Poor guy!

LABMED, LabradorLifeline, and PSLRA Lab Rescue together agreed to fund the necessary surgery for "August" (named for the month when he was rescued). His cruciate ligament was repaired and his shoulder made more comfortable. August came home after his surgery quite puzzled about his two bandaged legs: how is a guy supposed to get around like this? But within a few days he perked up, showing a goofy and bubbly personality. Patiently enduring six weeks of crate rest after his surgery, August healed quickly. When he was able to move around a bit, August showed his true colors: he is a tennis ball fiend!

August was adopted by a couple who had just suffered the loss of their elderly yellow Lab. It was love at first sight on both sides. His new owners reported in December, 1999, that August hardly limps at all, is making progress with his obedience training, and is the proud owner of not one but two comfy dog beds!

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