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Bailey5, May, 2001


Bailey, a two year old black Lab, was left tied up by a vacant house; after Bailey managed to get loose he was found by a neighbor who then contacted Georgia Lab Rescue. The rescue placed Bailey in foster care and after it became apparent that he had a severe case of heartworm, Bailey's foster mom contacted LABMED for help. The foster mom told LABMED that she had been told by neighbors that Bailey's previous owner knew Bailey had heartworm; instead of getting Bailey treated, his owner opted to give him heartworm preventive.

Bailey's vet wanted to speak with a LABMED representative before considering a rescue discount; he had never heard of LABMED and wanted more information. He was quite interested in LABMED's mission and more than happy to work with us and give Bailey a discount. Since Bailey was not symptomatic - he wasn't coughing -the vet gave him a very good prognosis. He had already neutered Bailey and was ready to start treatment immediately. Georgia Lab Rescue had told us they would take care of paying for the final stage of the treatment and any follow up care; LABMED gladly decided to fund the rest.

Bailey's foster mom was a bit concerned how she could keep this playful guy calm after his treatment had begun. Bailey is a very active dog and much prefers to run and chase balls to sitting quietly in his crate. But Bailey calmed down quite a bit after treatment was begun; the drugs used are hard on the dog and Bailey did have some minor complications. He started throwing up and the vet told his foster mom that Bailey had developed an infection in his chest. This was causing him to cough which triggered the throwing up. Bailey also had an ear infection; he was sent home with ear drops, a steroid and an antibiotic. His foster mom told us that he is comfortable now; he does not try to play when she takes him out but he enjoys sitting in the driveway with his head in his foster mom's lap. And he likes to watch the bugs.

Bailey is LABMED's 250th dog funded. We wish him a speedy and uneventful recovery so he may find his loving forever home soon.

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