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Baron, May, 2001

Baron The rescuers saw the yellow Lab get struck by a car during rush hour traffic in Mesa, Arizona. Several cars stopped to help the dog and the rescuers called an animal emergency clinic for instructions on how to lift and transport him so they would not cause him any more injury or pain. When they arrived at the emergency clinic they were told that since the dog appeared to be a stray he would be euthanized unless one of them would be willing to pay for his care. One of the rescuers, a young lady, volunteered to not only pay for the yellow Lab's medical treatment but to adopt him as well.

Baron, as she named him, had sustained a broken pelvis, fractured ribs, and some bruising around the chest. He had apparently been on his own for some time; his coat was in very bad condition and he had some old sores. The vet at the emergency clinic advised that surgery would be required to restore the pelvic bone (attaching a 'plate' to the damaged area) and would cost approximately $2,000-$3,000. She then consulted her mother's regular vet and was told about an alternate option; the second vet suggested doing an FHO (removing the head of the femur). This would give Baron the same chance at re-gaining full mobility of his rear legs but was a less expensive procedure. Baron's rescuer decided on the FHO and contacted several local rescues and animal care organizations for financial assistance. They were able to help her with a small amount and some of the other rescuers pitched in as well. One of those organizations also told her about LABMED so she contacted us as well.

Baron needed surgery quickly to relieve his pain. The surgery went well and the vet gave Baron an excellent prognosis for full recovery. Baron's new mom was anxious to have him come home - she had already fallen in love with the sweet dog - but he needed to stay at the vet clinic for observation a few days post surgery. Baron's rescuer also tried to find his previous owner but nobody had stepped forward by the time Baron was discharged from the clinic. Since we were now assured that Baron would be able to stay with his rescuer for good, we decided to fund a part of his bills.

Baron adjusted to his new home and new family very well. He started to use the injured leg and goes for walks in the early morning and late evening; he enjoys the air-conditioned comfort of his home during the hot daytime hours. His new mom is very glad he came into her life.

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