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Bear3, June, 2001

Bear3 This big chocolate male was found lying on the side of a road. Bear's rescuer thought he had been hit by a car but found out quickly that his injuries had a different cause. Bear had been shot in the right rear leg. She took Bear to a vet immediately for emergency treatment. The vet could not tell how long ago Bear's injury had occurred, but by the time help was available for the gentle Lab it was too late to save the leg. The vet decided quickly that he needed to amputate Bear's leg; the damage could not be repaired and he worried about infection setting in.

Bear was put on a course of antibiotics to prevent further problems and he went home with his rescuer. However, the wound re-opened a week after surgery and Bear had to undergo a second surgery to clean and re-close the wound. He also needed some more antibiotics as well to combat a secondary infection that had set in.

Bear3 Bear's rescuer contacted a local rescue group for help with placing Bear after he had recuperated. She asked the rescue group if they could help her pay for some of the medical expenses as well. The vet gave a very generous discount and neutered Bear without extra charge but the bills were still very high. The rescue was able to help a little and they referred Bear's rescuer to LABMED as well. LABMED was more than happy to help this now three legged Lab; his story sounded all too familiar.

Bear went to a different foster home after he developed yet another infection. Since his new foster mom works for his vet, this arrangement is perfect. Bear can accompany her to work and the vet can culture his leg frequently to make sure the new antibiotic is working. His new foster mom would like to adopt Bear; the rescue is waiting for him to be completely healthy before finalizing the adoption.

Update, July, 2001:

Bear has been officially adopted!

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