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Belle, October, 2000

Belle Picked up as a stray, Belle spent three weeks in a shelter but no one showed up to claim this pretty, friendly, 9 month old black Lab. Belle was rescued by an all breed rescue organization in Kent County, MD and medical attention was sought for Belle's injured foot.

A vet determined that Belle was in good health other than a fractured bone in her toe. It was felt that putting a cast or splint on the toe would make Belle more comfortable and speed proper healing. Belle had other ideas, though! After x-rays were taken, a cast was put on her foot. She chewed it off. So they put a splint on it - she chewed that off, too. They put the splint back on and put an Elizabethan collar on her - but Belle removed the collar and promptly chewed off the second splint. Having made her wishes clear, Belle was then allowed to heal on her own!

And Belle does appear to be making good progress. Gradually, she has started to bear some weight on her foot, and her limping has decreased. Now Belle is just waiting for that perfect home to come along to complete the happy ending to her story.

Update, December, 2000

Belle is in her new home with a wonderful family in Essex, MD and they simply adore her!!!

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