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Bingo2, December 2001


Bingo2 is an elderly yellow Lab with a very sweet and gentle personality that just loves attention. Unfortunately his owners didn't appreciate him and all his wonderfulness. In fact Bingo was owned by people who didn't seem to care much for him at all. The owners were under investigation by the local humane society agent for cruelty and neglect. The investigation attempts were hampered by uncooperative neighbors and a short staffed humane society. Finally, after many attempts to get Bingo the help he needed, the owners signed over an ownership release just to be "rid of that #*$@ dog". That's when Bingo's life improved significantly.

Into Bingo's life stepped his rescue angel. Already very active in Dalmatian Rescue with the DalSavers' Northeast Ohio Dalmatian Rescue , his rescue angel worked quickly to save his life. She already knew that this part of rural Ohio had only one dog shelter with a very high volume euthanization rate, so she took Bingo home with her instead. Bingo was discovered to be malnourished, dehydrated, and had intestinal parasites, eye tags and a testicular tumor. After a thorough veterinarian examination, Bingo was estimated at about 13 years old and heartworm negative. His bloodwork reported no underlying problems, but he did have a worrisome cough due to a bit of lung congestion. The vet gave his rescuer some medication for the parasites and Bingo was sent home with his rescuer to enjoy some good quality food, to put on some weight, to have a warm bed out of the raw winter wind and loving attention.

Bingo's health and lifestyle had significantly improved, but unbeknownst to Bingo, his rescuer needed financial help. She contacted the local Lab rescue group looking for help, but received little encouraging news as money was tight and many Labs were ending up in the local shelters. Fortunately, Bingo's rescuer had contacted LABMED earlier that year for information on starting an emergency funding group for the Dalmatian breed. Thus, she contacted LABMED again for help with Bingo's mounting veterinarian bills.

LABMED not only helped with Bingo's immediate medical expenses, but assisted in providing references for a couple in Indiana who wanted to adopt Bingo. Before leaving Ohio for his wonderful new home in Indiana, his rescuer had him bathed and groomed, revealing a very happy and sweet yellow Lab. Clean for possibly the first time in his life, Bingo loves to cuddle, but tires easily. Bingo now lives in a warm home with loving owners, has all the good food he can eat, friends and toys to play with and best of all, a wonderfully soft bed.

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