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Black Beauty, May, 2000

Black BeautyBlack Beauty is an approximately 1 year of age, male neutered, black Labrador Retriever, who has much in common with the horse who is his namesake. Black Beauty, like his namesake, had to endure much sorrow and pain before some kind souls found him and rescued him. Black Beauty's (the dog's) story begins for LABMED on a dark night in Powder Springs, Georgia. We don't know what went before this, but someone had loved him enough to neuter him. Somehow Black Beauty had ended up on his own on a busy road and had been struck by a car. Luckily for Black Beauty a couple of kind souls were passing by on their way to an emergency veterinary hospital with another dog that had been hit by a car and spotted Black Beauty on the side of the road. These kind souls stopped and loaded Black Beauty into the car and took him along to the emergency veterinarian's also.

There, everyone was very impressed by the courage and spirit of Black Beauty and wanted to help him. Upon examination, it was discovered that Black Beauty had a broken front leg and a dislocated hip, as well as assorted bumps and contusions. The veterinarian was willing to discount the price of the surgery to fix the fracture and reduce the hip and Black Beauty's rescuers were willing to put money towards the procedure, but that wasn't enough to cover the cost of the expensive procedure.

The rescuers contacted Angela Cummings, the owner of Best Friends Barkery, who has been known to do unofficial rescue work and who knew of LABMED. They have often generously donated stock to LABMED's donation drives and auctions. She referred them to LABMED. The rescuers contacted us immediately.

LABMED spoke with the veterinarian about Black Beauty's prognosis and was happy to find that, with surgery, Black Beauty had an excellent chance of a full recovery. LABMED cheerfully supplied the rest of the money needed to get Black Beauty up on his feet.

Black Beauty has since recovered nicely. He has also been adopted to his forever home! There he has been re-named "Chance", in honor of his "second chance" at happiness. Chance has met many people who don't know his story, several of whom are Labrador Retriever breeders, who have all exclaimed over his handsome looks. The breeders were surprised to find out that Chance was a rescue dog, because he looks so typey for the breed. Everyone has been impressed with his friendly attitude and trusting nature. LABMED is very pleased to have been able to assist in the transformation of Black Beauty/Chance from an injured stray into a happy, healthy, much beloved, pet.

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