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Bo, June, 2001

Bo Bo had been neglected by his owner since he was just a puppy. When Bo was two years old, the owner was planning to have him "put down" because he felt that Bo was an inconvenience. Fortunately, the owner's former girlfriend took pity on Bo and took him to a vet to be vaccinated and neutered. She then helped find a foster family for him through contacts at the Columbia County, GA, Humane Society. The owner relinquished all rights to Bo, and the friendly black male Lab moved in with his foster family.

Bo had been living in a small, overgrown yard, his only shelter a filthy shed filled with a lawnmower, garbage and gasoline. The young dog was underweight and obviously malnourished, with all of his ribs visible. Bo had never experienced a collar or leash and seldom received a friendly pat. But in spite of this sad beginning to his life, Bo never lost that precious Labrador spirit. He quickly made friends with the other Lab in his foster home, and played gently with the three young children of his foster family. Georgia Lab Rescue offered to help find a permanent home for Bo. But first, some medical issues needed to be addressed.

Bo was found to have hookworms, and both of his ears were infected. And Bo tested positive for heartworms. Heart and lung x-rays and blood work indicted that Bo would make a good recovery with proper treatment and nutrition, however. LABMED was contacted and we were happy to help pay for Bo's medical care.

When Bo has recovered from his heartworm treatment, he will be ready to find a new family to love!

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