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Bob, April, 2000

BobBob was found in a gas station in San Antonio, TX. His rescuer tells us that she spotted him just before a terrible hail storm. She was appalled by Bob's condition; he was severely malnourished and had horrible cuts on his neck and chest, probably caused by a chain or rope used to tie him up. She took Bob home and he got along quite well with her other two dogs, and even though he looked like he had been treated very badly by his previous owners, he wanted to be close to people and was starved for affection.

Bob was taken to the vet to get treatment for his wounds and to get a check up. In addition to the apparent problems, he was also heartworm positive. Bob's rescuer contacted the local Lab Rescue but they could not help at this time. All their foster homes were full and they did not have funds available to help with Bob's bills. Bob's rescuer had taken in several strays in the past and decided to try finding a foster home and a permanent home for him herself. She still needed help with the vet bills and, on recommendation of the Lab Rescue, contacted LABMED. She had already managed to raise some money for Bob on her own and LABMED was happy to take care of the rest.

A foster home was found for Bob and his foster parents are considering keeping him permanently; he is a very friendly and well mannered dog. The wounds on his neck are healing nicely and there were no problems with the heartworm treatment. He has gained weight, and other than the fading scars on his neck, there is no reminder of the life he has lived before he either ran away or was abandoned.

Update! June 2000

BobBob loves his new home. He is still a skinny dog but with good food and lots of love, he will soon put on enough weight. The scars on his neck are hidden under the shiny black hair that has grown. It is hard to believe that this handsome boy is the same as the sad and abused dog that was rescued from a gas station only two months ago.

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