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Bruiser, June, 2001

Bruiser LABMED received Bruiser's application from his vet. Bruiser's owner left town and his father was left with the responsibility of Bruiser. The father did not want the responsibility. He brought Bruiser to the vet to be euthanized.

Bruiser was heartworm positive and also appeared to have a dislocated shoulder. The clinic's receptionist told the vet about LABMED and the vet decided rather than euthanizing the 6 year old black Lab, he would ask the new owner to relinquish ownership to his clinic. The vet was willing to treat the friendly Lab at a discount as well as neutering him and providing routine immunizations and care free of charge.

The clinic staff did their best to find a foster home for the gentle dog so Bruiser would have a place to stay after his heartworm treatment was complete. Up until then, he would be boarded at the clinic. LABMED was asked to fund the treatment and x-rays to determine what was wrong with Bruiser's shoulder. After a foster home was found, we were more than happy to do so.

The x-rays revealed some arthritis in the shoulder but no injuries. Bruiser was quite a bit overweight and loosing a few pounds will be beneficial not only to his arthritic shoulder but for his overall well being. He came through the heartworm treatment just fine and is recuperating at his foster home.

If you are interested in providing a forever home for this nice black Lab, see our adoption page for contact information. His rescuer's requirements for Bruiser's new family state: "There is only one specification for Bruiser. A loving family willing to put meds on his food each day for his arthritis, exercise him regularly and try to help him lose weight to help his arthritis, and to take good care of him as he is deserving. He should be available to adopt mid to end August 2001."


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