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Buddy10, May, 2001

Buddy10 Buddy's story as told by his rescuer: Nearing midnight on a Saturday in April, on a busy, poorly lit road, a black lab was attempting to keep her two young puppies together and safe from the cars that sped by them. When the rescuers spotted the family, each pup was on a different side of the road and the mama was scrambling desperately to protect them. The rescuing couple stopped and spent 45 hectic minutes capturing the family, then took the three Labs home.

Attempts to find their owner were fruitless and the labs were advertised for adoption. Both puppies were quickly adopted. A day later, one of the adopting families called the rescuers to tell them that the male pup, who they had named Buddy, had been sick all day and had been diagnosed with Parvo. The adopting family chose to return Buddy to his rescuers. He spent the next two weeks at the vet during the day, and at the rescuers home at night, so he could be constantly monitored. As his vet bills mounted, his rescuers applied to LABMED for assistance, and we were happy to help give this pup a Second Chance.

Buddy10 Buddy was in bad shape. He often vomited and could barely raise his head. But he fought hard, and his white blood cell count began to climb back up, a signal that he had beaten the virus. He had lost a lot of weight, but when he was once more allowed to eat solid food he consumed it eagerly. His rescuers are currently fostering him and his mama, Sweetie, until forever homes for the two can be found. Unfortunately, Sweetie tested positive for heartworms, and is currently receiving treatment, also funded by LABMED. The second pup, Harlie, remains healthy and happy in her adoptive home.

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