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Buddy4, October, 1999

Buddy4Our 100th Dog Funded!

Buddy's rescuer was on her way to have breakfast with friends when she spotted him wandering along a very busy road. She noticed that he was wearing a collar and thought he had slipped away from his owners. After breakfast, about 45 minutes later, she saw him again. Lost and confused, he was walking in the middle of the road on unsteady legs. Cars were hitting their brakes trying to avoid him and she decided to do something before he got hit. She stopped and tried to get his attention by whistling; when that had no effect, she managed to catch him by the collar and steer him to the side of the road. There were no tags on the collar so she decided to take him home.

She made every effort to find his owner, but nobody claimed him. The local Lab rescue agreed to help find him a new home. He looked pretty good for an old guy; they guessed his age to be somewhere around 8, and he was extremely intelligent, very affectionate and well mannered. The woman who rescued Buddy volunteered to fund his neutering and vaccinations, she would foster him during his recuperation and bring him to the Lab rescue in two weeks.

Buddy4However, during the vet visit, it was discovered that he had Class II heartworms. His chest x-ray showed enlargement of the heart and lab tests showed a slight kidney dysfuntion. Buddy was otherwise healthy and in good shape so they decided to go ahead with the treatment. The rescuer contacted LABMED for financial assistance and we were glad to help this 100 pound chocolate boy.

This Buddy is our 100th dog funded! Pretty significant, we think, that he has the same name as the dog who was the inspiration for LABMED.

Buddy came through the heartworm treatment well and follow up tests showed him to be heartworm free. His rescuer decided to keep him, how can anyone resist a Lab that snuggles as much as he can fit of himself in your lap and kisses your face? She thinks that Buddy must have had a caring owner at one time since he knows the basic obedience commands. At first Buddy chewed things but he stopped that as he was getting used to his new home. Only the resident cats have objections to him being there. Buddy would like to play with them but they hiss at him and, for the most part, stay upstairs while he stays downstairs. His rescuer also decided to change his name, he is now known as Trevor.

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