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Carter, July 1999

Carter This nice looking 1 year old black lab was found hanging around a "Habitat for Humanity" project house in Houston, Texas. For two weeks, he supervised the rennovations and made friends with all the volunteers, until finally one volunteer decided he was just too precious to leave behind. The volunteer, a college student, named the dog "Carter" (after President Jimmy Carter, founder of Habitat for Humanity), invested about $500 to get Carter beyond the normal problems of an abandoned dog (fleas, mange, ear infection, vaccinations, neutering), and took him to Terre Haute, Indiana to be fostered until a suitable home could be found for him.

During a veterinary exam, it was discovered that Carter had developed genital tumors. It was also discovered that Carter tested positive for heartworms, so he clearly required medical treatment. His new foster family found out about LABMED while searching the Web, looking for information about Lab Rescues in their area.

LABMED was contacted, and asked to assist in funding Carter's chemotherapy treatments to eliminate the tumors. We agreed to fund the treatment, and we're happy to say he's doing well, and on the way to a full recovery. There's even more good news. Carter's foster family decided they couldn't bear to part with him, so they've made him a permanent member of their family!

To quote from a recent letter received from Carter's folks: "He had his first run off leash at a friend's farm and had a glorious time running loose and chasing horses...he even came back so I may be able to test run him sans leash at a park with a pond not too far from here..he seems very comfortable here now and we let him in to the kitchen and his crate at night...he seems quite happy...what a blessing he is!!"

LABMED is very glad to have been able to help Carter regain his health! Please join us in wishing him and his new family well in their new life together.

Update: February, 2001

"This is to let you know that Carter is doing very well and has integrated his big loving heart into our family and the pack which includes a 12 year old Daschound (Bubba the Alpha Male) and a 7 year old Pekingese Lynx...Carter is last to the food dish and patiently waits his turn...there has been no recurrence of his cancer, heart worms, or anything else that ailed him when he came to us."

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