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Casey, September 1998

CaseyCasey was barely a year old when she was found in an Indiana field with injuries which suggested that she had been hit by a car. She was taken to the local veterinary clinic who immediately recognized Casey from previous visits. They contacted Casey's owner, and they learned that Casey had given birth to a litter just 4 weeks previously. Casey was suffering from fractures of her pelvis and hip socket areas and it was apparent she had a lung contusion and minor abrasions. All of these injuries were consistent with those found in road accidents.

While initially agreeing to pay for the xrays, the owner declined to pay for further treatment for poor Casey, preferring that she be put down. The staff at the vet. clinic then contacted one of their other clients, who was a member of the Central Indiana Labrador Rescue and Adoption, to see if they could be of assistance. CILRA worked with the owner and was successful in having Casey's ownership signed over to them, the first step which would allow Casey to receive the corrective surgery she required.

The next step CILRA took was to contact LABMED to inquire about funding assistance. The two organizations had worked together previously on two rescues, but this time it was Casey's turn, and clearly, she could use all the help she could get. It was determined that Casey met all of LABMED's guidelines for funding eligibility, and so LABMED agreed to cover the cost of Casey's reconstructive surgery.

Casey is currently recovering from her surgery, a process which is expected to take three to four weeks. In the mean time, she is receiving plenty of much-needed love and attention from her CILRA foster family.

Everyone from LABMED wishes Casey a speedy recovery and successful adoption.

Update: December, 1998

Casey has been adopted!

"Casey went to her new adoptive home tonight - traveling to Kentucky to live with a wonderful person on a horse farm. She drove all the way to Indy with her present lab to make sure he and Casey were compatible."

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