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Casey2, June, 2000

Casey2Casey, a male black Lab mix, was adopted from an animal shelter in northern Virginia by a young woman. The people at the shelter couldn't tell her much about Casey's background; the previous owner left no information. He was approximately 4 months old, had never had any vaccinations and the shelter staff thought he may have been abused.

Casey had been living in his new home for a week when he got very ill. His owner took him to an emergency vet hospital. The vet checked Casey and Casey tested strongly positive for Parvo. He was given IV fluids and medication and then discharged; his owner was told to give him TLC. But she had to bring Casey back later that same evening because he was getting worse. He had to stay in the emergency hospital for 24 hour IV fluids; the vet also started to give him antibiotics through the IV line.

Casey2Casey's young owner could not pay the very high vet bills Casey had incurred, and she contacted the shelter she adopted him from for assistance. A shelter worker suggested she look for help online. She searched for Lab rescue, found LABMED and applied for funding. LABMED will fund recently adopted dogs but we ask that the owner take care of a portion of the expenses. Casey's owner told LABMED that she knew she was responsible for Casey's care and she was already checking into pet health insurance so she would not find herself in this kind of situation again later. But the adoption fee, the neutering and vaccinations and other expenses related to getting a dog had left her short; she could not pay the whole amount for Casey's hospital bill. We were concerned about Casey's prognosis: it is not easy to predict if a dog will recover from Parvo. Casey himself took care of that concern - during our discussion period he recovered enough to go home. The vet who was treating him also gave him a very good chance of full recovery. She told LABMED that Casey was a strong puppy and his owner was very committed to doing just the right things for him. The vet was sure that Casey would receive the best possible care. LABMED was happy to be able to fund part of Casey's treatment

Casey recovered fully, he has grown quite a bit already and, in true Labrador fashion, he is eating everything he is offered and some things that are not offered.

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