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Chance3, October, 1999

alt="Chance3"> Not all Labs are lucky enough to have a good start in life. By the time he was 7 months old, Chance had already been discarded by several owners. His latest owner allowed Chance to wander around the neighborhood, with the almost inevitable result: Chance was hit by a car.

A concerned neighbor noticed that Chance was missing from his home and contacted the local animal shelter, looking for him. She discovered that Chance was at the shelter with a broken leg, and that the owners did not want him back. This is where Chance's luck took a turn for the better!

Rescuing Chance from the shelter, the neighbor rushed him to a vet for emergency care. LABMED was contacted and agreed to cover the costs of Chance's medical treatment. His broken leg set in a cast, Chance came home to begin his new life as a cherished pet. Although his activity was restricted while his broken leg healed, Chance discovered the joy of sitting close to his foster mom and paying attention to her conversation: everyone needs a great listener!

Chance soon wiggled his way into the hearts of a new family, who adopted him and are prepared to love him for the rest of his life. LABMED was happy to have had the opportunity to particpate in this wonderful rescue.

UPDATE, May, 2000: "Greetings from Chance, I wanted to give you an update and let you know that you don't have to worry about me anymore because I found a great family that loves me bunches. To start with, I have grown up some and now weigh over 60 lbs. My leg has healed, good as new, and when the Vet first examined me he couldn't even tell that it was ever broken. Boy, do I love to play outside, fetch rubber balls and sticks, catch bugs, and play with leaves or anything else that moves. I love people too and happily greet everyone that I can. I love my new family and thank you LABMED and Georgia Lab Rescue for saving me and giving me a second CHANCE. Thanks ya'l' ! "

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