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Charlie, March 1998

Charlie before surgeryOn March 31, LABMED was called into action on application for funding for Charlie, a 3 1/2 month old chocolate boy who had a tragic run-in with a drunk driver. The driver brought this sweet baby to the local humane society on March 27, where x-rays showed he might have as many as 6 major fractures to his rear legs. Unfortunately, the shelter's attending veterinarians were unable to treat Charlie's injuries immediately because his owner refused to come forward to sign a treatment release or relinquish ownership of the puppy.

Charlie's rescuer, humane society employee Lori Lewis, worked tirelessly until Charlie was signed over by his former owner on April 1 and placed in protective custody. Upon further examination by specialists, it was determined that his injuries were not as severe as first thought but that they were likely a week to two weeks old! Miraculously, Charlie's broken rear femur had already begun to heal in a good position. However, the ball of his hip was snapped off in the socket which would require major surgery to repair. LABMED voted unanimously to fund the procedure and related costs.

Charlie awaits surgeryIn true Labrador fashion, Charlie displayed an excellent attitude and sweet disposition throughout his painful ordeal. No doubt, this will help him through his long recovery period in foster care. Thanks to the generous donations of LABMED supporters, Charlie is on the mend and waiting to steal the hearts of some lucky family.

Update: May 1998

Charlie after surgeryCharlie came through his April 3 surgery with flying colors. It is estimated he will require 10 to 12 weeks to recover and physical therapy to maintain full use of his leg, but he should be dramatically improved in just a few short weeks.

Charlie has also found a permanent home! The person who "babysat" him two days a week during his recovery has fallen in love and Charlie will be going to live at her house, where he'll have a Doberman brother to play with.

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