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Chester, November 2001

What this young California Lab pup was doing on a busy highway was anyone's guess. Perhaps he was on his way back home after a tiring trip to the park and got loose. Perhaps someone left the door open just a fraction too long and he escaped. While we don't know what he was doing on the highway, the result was easy to guess...he was hit by a car.

Chester, an 8 month old black Lab, was indeed hit by an automobile injuring him badly. Two kind police officers picked him up before more damage was done and took him to the local animal shelter for treatment. The shelter called the local Lab rescue group, Central California Labrador Retriever Rescue (CCLRR) who picked up Chester's broken body and immediately took him to their veterinarian for treatment and surgery.

The vet's examination revealed that Chester had some terrible injuries -- a badly broken back leg and a paralyzed front leg (due to a nerve injury). The Vet noted that even during the physical exam, Chester was very happy, loved people and all the attention even though he was in intense pain. Luckily, Chester tested heartworm negative, his hips appeared to be in good shape, and he had no internal parasites. The vet gave him a very good prognosis anticipating an uncomplicated surgical repair of the back leg.

Realizing that Chester had injuries beyond the range of CCLRR's limited funds, they turned to LABMED and Labrador Life Line for help. LABMED and LLL approved funds to assist with the surgical repair of Chester's broken legs and get him back on his feet. CCLRR was able to help with a portion of the bill as well as help him recover in a loving foster home before finding a great forever home.

After a very smooth surgery, Chester once again enjoys life as a happy fun loving Californian. His future looks bright and carefree thanks to some kind dog lovers who took the time to make a difference in one small black pup's life. Some day soon Chester will find a new family who will love him as much as he does his new second chance at life.

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