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Chip, February 2002

ChipChip was just a young pup of about fourteen weeks when he was discovered in a shelter in Chattanooga, TN. He had a broken left rear leg. The vet thought the break was going to require pinning. After x-rays, it was determined that Chip's leg would heal fine with splinting. Chip developed a slight fever, which caused a small delay in his transfer to a foster home. The suspected kennel cough never developed, though.

LABMED was happy to give this cute little chocolate lab-mix pup with the sometimes funny ears a second chance.

Update, June 2002

Chip's rescuer sent us this story, provided by his new parents.

Chip and NoahOnce upon a time in northwest Alabama, a married couple were searching for a chocolate Lab puppy. The couple wanted another Lab as well as a companion for their retriever mix named Noah. Noah had Once upon a time in northwest Alabama, a married couple were searching for a chocolate Lab puppy. The couple wanted another Lab as well as a companion for their retriever mix named Noah. Noah had been rescued literally from the side of the road as a puppy. He had been a joy to them over the last four years. The young couple wanted to rescue another puppy. So, the wife surfed the web for pups at the local humane societies with no luck. Then she discovered a Lab rescue organization in East Tennessee and contacted them. Her email was forwarded to a the lady in Chattanooga who had rescued a chocolate lab pup from the humane society. This floppy-eared little guy was named Chip. Chip had a fractured hind leg and couldn't bear weight on the injured leg. The vet said that the leg would heal with time and splinted it for a couple of weeks. The 10 week old pup was placed in a loving foster home. Chip's rescuer contacted the prospective new home with the information regarding the pup who was now 14 weeks old. The young couple was thrilled. After having their application approved for adoption, they and Noah drove four hours to Chattanooga to meet 17 week old Chip.

Chip was the sweetest little guy with sloppy wet kisses. He immediately loved Noah. However, Noah was apprehensive at first but soon mellowed. The young couple fell in love with this adorable pup. Needless to say, Chip (renamed Silas) found a permanent home. Silas is almost 6 months old now. His leg is completely healed, and the limp is gone. He loves to chew on Noah and Noah reciprocates in kind. Silas now knows a variety of commands such as: sit, stay, lie down, jump, back, inside, come, give, etc. Noah has taught him how to climb up on the couch to look out the window and cleverly not tear down the blinds. He is so smart and learns quickly. Frisbee is his favorite pastime besides chewing on Noah. Pig's ears are his favorite treat.

His new mom writes: "He never meets a stranger and wins over everyone with his smile and wagging tail. His recent adventure was climbing in the bathtub (without water in it) to play as evidenced by the dog hair, paw prints, and chewed robe found in the tub to confirm that he had indeed been in the tub without assistance. He is a laugh a minute with his fetish for my pony tail holders. If I ever lose one, I know that he has confiscated it. He was a real pro today when we had family pictures made. He sat proudly and smiled on command.

We are so happy to have him in our family. Thanks to his foster mom. He is well adjusted because of the difference that you and his rescuer made early in his life. Thanks for finding Noah a "brudder". You're the best."

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