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Cinnamon, March, 1999

Cinnamon Cinnamon was found as a stray near Rockwall, Texas when she presented herself to a kindly man on his doorstep. She had suffered a serious wound to her back and an abraided front pad, probably the result of an encounter with a vehicle.

While the man didn't have the funds to have her injuries treated at an emergency clinic, he did care enough to find and contact the local Lab Rescue organization. In this case, a member of the Dallas-Fort Worth Lab Rescue immediately responded, and despite her pain, Cinnamon willingly hopped into the rescue worker's car and they headed off to the vet and better fortune.

Cinnamon's veterinary exam determined that the softball-sized open wound would need water debridement and enzymatic spray treatments for the next few weeks to promote proper healing. The injury to her front paw was not serious, but it was determined that poor Cinnamon was heartworm positive. She was noticeably underweight, a sign that she had been wandering the streets for some time. Due to the fact that the Dallas-Fort Worth's Lab Rescue treasury had been seriously depleted by several of their own recent rescue operations, they turned to LABMED to seek financial assistance with Cinnamon.

It was quickly decided to fund Cinnamon's treatments, and we're happy to report she's doing very well, as this update from her foster home indicates:

"This wonderful dog is healing well with that huge wound still open but now down to 1/4 the original size. Hopefully scarring will be minimal. She completed her first round of heartworm treatment and has gained five pounds! Her ribs still show but not nearly as much. She is doing great in the house and bravely takes her wound hydrotherapy with hosing twice a day. She will get her final round of heartworm treatment in a few weeks and then will be spayed. We are enjoying her company and she seems to feel at home here. She will make someone a wonderful pet"

Cinnamon is another testimony to the brave and wonderful nature of the Labrador - despite pain and suffering, the indominatable Lab spirit continues to shine through!

LABMED would like to recognize the humanitarian efforts of Cinnamon's initial rescuer, the veterinary clinic who provided care at a reduced fee and the dedication of Dallas-Forth Worth Lab Rescue in helping Cinnamon. It looks like she's on her way to recovery and the prospects for a new adoptive home!

Update on Cinnamon: May, 1999

"Cinnamon is doing great..the wound scar is only one inch across or less and I think when her coat grows back it will not be noticed much at all. She is heartworm free now and has been spayed. A family is interested in adopting her and will visit her Saturday. This is a little miracle that would not have happened without the help of LABMED!!! "

Photo updates showing Cinnamon's improvement:

Cinnamon in MarchCinnamon in June
Cinnamon when she was first rescued and Cinnamon healing nicely!

Update on Cinnamon: June, 1999

"Great news: Cinnamon has been adopted. Her new owner is a senior citizen who had lost both her husband and dog in the last year and a half, and wanted a new friend to fill the void . Cinnamon has been renamed "Mame" and has a wonderful home with Eloise. I have some updated pictures of Cinnamon but cannot find your address( I think I deleted the email). I will put in the mail as soon as I get the address. Thanks again on behalf of Cinnamon... by saving Cinnamon you have also enhanced the life of ..., her new "Mom"."
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