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Cody , June 1999

CodyWhen Cody's owner divorced and had to move to an apartment, he contacted Oregon's Mid-Valley Labrador Lifeline for assistance in finding a new home for his little 50# Labrador. When Cody came to MVLL he had two strikes against him. He was diabetic and blind. The diabetes, while incurable, turned out to be easy to control once Cody was put on a reasonable diet (rather than hot dogs and junk food). His twice daily insulin injections were sometimes inconvenient, but not a serious problem for his foster family.

But Cody's inability to see was an added complication in finding him a home. A trip to the opthalmologist confirmed that Cody's diabetic cataracts were operable and that he could be returned to functional vision. Veterinary specialists also confirmed that Cody had no other side effects from his diabetes and that there was every reason to expect that he would have a normal life span. MVLL was grateful to the veterinarians who donated their time to diagnose and monitor Cody's condition. But the cataract surgery, even heavily discounted, was beyond the reach of the small Oregon rescue group. Thankfully, LABMED was able to help and Cody had his cataracts removed in early July.

CodyAbout two weeks after his surgery, Cody accompanied his foster family on an outing to the Columbia River Slough. Much to everyone's amazement, he leaped into the water and swam out to retrieve a toy that had been thrown for the other dogs - with his Elizabethan collar on! It was the first time he had been able to mark a toy that did not have bells in it. And like most Labs, he's a great swimmer. Cody is currently residing in a foster home and is looking for a permanent home. We are confident he'll find his forever family because he is truly a remarkable little fellow.

Update, July, 2000

Cody's new mom sent us this story; it proves that Cody's cataract surgery was completely successful.

"We took him down to the Waterfront Park to watch the "Ducky Derby" where they dump 1000 rubber ducks into the river for a "race". Cody watched them go off the bridge, broke his collar he was straining so hard and went into the river after the flotilla of ducks!! A Retriever he is whether the duck is alive or rubber!!
After a lot of calling and encouragement from the bank, he did turn around and came back. I think he was disappointed he didn't get a duck!!"

Update, August, 2000: It was with great pleasure that I read Cody's story on your webpage. You see, my son and I adopted Cody about 2 months ago and can report that he is doing very well. Since coming into our home, his insulin requirements have gone down while he enjoys a leisurely life in our house. He has adopted us (including our cat) and taken us into his heart, just as much as we have taken him into ours. He absolutely loves playing fetch with my son and it is a great joy to be making dinner in the house and hear the resounding giggles and laughter from my backyard as Cody and Dwight play keep away and fetch.

I can't thank LabMed enough for what they have done for Cody. Whether sleeping on my bed, watching over my son or consoling me when he can sense I'm upset, no one can question that he is a great dog. He is a lovable and loyal addition to our family.

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