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Cody3, October, 1999

Cody3 Cody is a male yellow Labrador Retriever who was the victim of poor breeding practices, and an uninformed buyer. Cody was born with a hereditary condition known as juvenile cataracts. His first home was unaware of the problem at the time of purchase and, when they took Cody to the veterinarian to find out why he had such trouble navigating, they were not prepared to deal with the problem. Therefore Cody was turned over to a rescue organization at 3 months of age.

Cody's cataracts at this time were quite mature (this means they covered his entire lens) and without intervention, he would be completely blind. Luckily for Cody he had the typical bright, bouncy, personality so common to Labrador puppies and everyone at the rescue was unwilling to let this happen. The rescue organization took Cody to see a Veterinary Ophthamologist who was able to determine that the rest of Cody's eye was normal, only the lens was affected. This meant that with surgery to remove the cataracts, Cody would have a 98.5% chance of being a normal, healthy puppy. The rescue was determined that Cody would have this chance.

Cody3 The rescue organization began efforts to raise money for the surgery on their own, and contacted LABMED. After a quick talk with the veterinarian, LABMED was happy to make up the difference between what the rescue had collected and the price of the surgery. Cody was able to have the surgery!!

The surgery went well, and although he had to wear one of those evil "lampshade on the head" e-collars, Cody healed quickly. His eyesight was back and Cody was ready to be a normal puppy.

After seeing Cody through his life-altering surgery, his foster family found themselves unable to part with the plucky little puppy and Cody also found his forever home. LABMED was very happy to be able to help this puppy through his dark beginnings to his bright future.

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