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Dakota2, September, 2000

DakotaDakota's owners were unable to keep him due to a divorce, so they turned him over to Central California Labrador Retriever Rescue. Placed in a loving foster home, Dakota was reluctant to eat and seemed very depressed. Adding to his woes, he had a tumor that had grown to be the size of a frisbee!

A trip to the vet revealed that Dakota's tumor, although very large, was a simple lipoma and could easily be removed surgically. CCLRR went ahead with this surgery to make Dakota more comfortable, and then asked LABMED for help with the costs. We were happy to contribute to a second chance for this sweet boy. And we are grateful to the caring vet who provided a rescue discount, too!

Recovering easily from his surgery, Dakota started to have a better outlook on life. His foster family adored him and knew it would be difficult to let him go when a permanent home was found. So we were delighted to receive this update on Dakota from CCLRR:

"Dakota has been adopted!!!

Dakota He is living now in a beautiful home in Clovis. He will be an only dog and in charge of a four year old boy named Seth and a three year old little girl, named Madeline. He already is letting them lay against him as they watch cartoons and he runs with the dad each morning and is learning to use his lap pool and king-sized dog door....

He is also in charge of keeping the neighbors' cats on their side of the fence. He has 1/2 acre of grass and a house to defend so he is a very busy boy. We thought he might get homesick for his foster family....but were glad we were wrong!"

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