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Del, May, 2000

DelOur 150th Dog Funded!

Del was found wandering in a flood control basin, half-starved and limping badly. This young black male Lab had evidently been on his own for some time, searching for food as best he could: he weighed only 40 pounds when he was rescued! Signs were posted in the area where Del was found, local vet clinics and the animal control shelter were notified, but no owner could be found for this sweet, loving guy.

Del was taken to a local vet in Van Nuys, CA. X-rays of his right hip revealed that Del's joint had been dislocated for some time. Had he been hit by a car? We'll never know, but surgical repair of his hip was clearly needed.

Not wanting to leave Del home alone while arrangements were being made for surgery, Del's rescuer took him along to an agility trial in the area. Del's sad story and the way he happily wagged his tail as he limped about on three legs resulted in spontaneous donations for nearly half of the money needed to pay for Del's surgery! LABMED was happy to provide the remaining funds, and Del was on his way to a new start in life.

Del has his surgery in June and had an uneventful recovery. Before long he was romping and playing with the other dogs in his temporary home, not bothered in the least by his reconstructed hip. Del has been steadily gaining weight on his new diet of nutritious food, his scavenging days over for good! Del is now waiting for a very special family to give him a safe and loving home for life.

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