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Dixie4, August, 2001

Dixie4 This Southern Belle has led a less than idyllic life. She spent her first 6 years as a beloved family pet, and then tragedy struck. Dixie's owner was placed in a nursing home and Dixie had nowhere to go. She was kenneled at a veterinary clinic in Georgia and languished there for 6 years.

One day a 17-year-old volunteer at the clinic decided her mission was to get Dixie out of that cage and into a home. Twelve-year-old dogs have a tough time finding new homes, but with the miracle of the Internet, Dixie is now in an animal sanctuary in Ontario, Canada where she now sleeps in a bedroom.

Although Dixie was housed at a veterinary clinic for many years, she was 'nobody's dog' and so, did not receive any medical care. A tumor near her elbow was allowed to grow without any treatment. When she arrived at her new home, the rescuers decided to see what could be done to help. They applied to LABMED for assistance with the funding needed to treat the tumor.

Before surgery, the veterinarian ran blood tests. The calcium enzymes were elevated which can be indicative of bone tumors however, subsequent x-rays have shown that the tumor is not attached to the bone. LABMED was happy to provide the funding for these diagnostic tests.

Dixie is happily living out her life in luxury. She now has people, toys, and a soft bed.

Update, January 2002

Dixie4Dixie had the surgery to remove the tumor in early December 2001. Her rescuer wrote:

"Dixie had her surgery yesterday. There have been delays at the vet clinic, new vet is on staff and they can only do surgeries on Mondays at the moment. We got a chance to take Dixie in yesterday so we decided not to let it go by. She came through beautifully. The tumor was actually entwined with her triceps muscle ... the vet said it would be like having something tied from your elbow to your side. At the moment as she heals, she is walking on three legs but she is able to move around better than ever, even on three legs. We're so happy for her ... the tumor weighed over 1 pound ... Dixie hasn't stopped smiling. She goes back to the vet on Thursday to have the drain removed if all is going well."

LABMED was glad to be able to fund this surgery and give Dixie a chance at a happy life - finally.

Dixie was healing beautifully and by the end of December, she was able to run and sleep on her side. We wish her a long time of playing and running at the sanctuary. Enjoy yourself, Dixie!

A Final and Sad Update, January 2003

From the SMH Sanctuary, Dixie's forever home:

A veterinarian sadly assisted in sending Dixie to the Rainbow Bridge on November 16th, 2002. The tumor that LABMED helped us have removed came back with a vengeance and nothing could be done to save her. The remarkable thing is that I was diagnosed with breast cancer earlier this year, it was caught early, I've just finished my treatments and I'm starting to feel whole again ... but I feel deep down that Dixie took on my cancer, so that I would heal. She was fine until I was diagnosed, then it grew and grew and grew.

To read a tribute to Dixie go to the Fond Memories page and click on her name. There will be a larger memorial to Dixie coming up but for now you can enjoy a special dedication to Dixie.

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