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Dizzy, April, 2000

DizzyDizzy, along with several other dogs, was left alone in an abandoned house by her owners. Animal control officers picked up the dogs and took them to the pound. Since Dizzy was in such bad shape - she had demodectic mange and was almost hairless - her chances for adoption were hopeless. But Dizzy was spotted by a volunteer for Valley Dog Rescue and brought to the attention of Pets Alive, an all breed rescue in Middletown, NY.

Pets Alive took Dizzy from the shelter and started treating her. In addition to the mange, Dizzy had an upper respiratory infection. When Dizzy was brought to Pets Alive's vet, he took one look at her and asked "What on earth have you gotten into this time, and why?" As he walked up to Dizzy, her tail started wagging like crazy and he knew why. The vet thought Dizzy to be about 2 1/2 years old; due to her condition is was hard to determine if Dizzy was a purebred Lab or a mix but she definitely looked like a Lab. She definitely has the Lab temperament, her tail was always wagging and she was giving kisses to all.

DizzyPet's Alive applied to LABMED to help fund Dizzy's initial treatment. Generalized demodectic mange is hard to cure and Dizzy's rescuers knew that her care would be long term. LABMED was happy to help this black girl.

Some of Dizzy's hair has grown back and the respiratory infection is cured. Pets alive is continuing to treat her and will do so until she is healthy.

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