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Finnigan, February, 2001

FinniganSame old story. A dog is injured, and the owner cannot pay the vet bills. The easy solution is to have the dog euthanized.

Finnigan is a young black Lab who spent all of her 9 months of life as an outside dog on a farm in near Saskatoon, Canada. She was to become a hunting partner, but her training had never begun.

Finnigan was taken to the vet because she was limping. An exam and a few x-rays showed she had ruptured her anterior cruciate ligament. This particular injury is often referred to as a torn ACL and requires surgery from an orthopedic surgeon. In sports, this may be a career ending injury. For Finnigan, this could have been a life-ending injury, since she was no longer useful to the owner. Specialty care can be costly, and the owner decided to have this fine pup put to sleep.

The happy pup was abandoned at the vet clinic. This could have been the end, but the entire staff rallied behind the young Lab with the injured knee. They all felt she deserved a second chance, so one of the veterinarians paid for some of the initial work. The vets and staff collected money to go to Finnigan's other expected hospital expenses. With all this support, the office was not able to collect enough money. LABMED was contacted and happy to help Finnigan!

Finnigan has gained the nickname of Finn by all her friends at Westward Animal Hospital. Finn is still looking for her forever home, but she is being well cared for at the moment. How many lucky dogs are fostered by their very own veterinarian? Finn even has a one year-old human to call her own! LABMED is glad to be part of Finnigan's team!

Update: April, 2001

Finn's rescuer wrote: "Lucky Finn found a great home with a family that has three children. This was in a LARGE part due to your support, if the family had had to pay the whole bill they may not have been able to take her. They already have her in training classes and she is doing well. Her leg continues to heal every day. Thanks again so much for your support!"

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