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Flip, December, 1999

FlipJust before the Y2k New Year, young Flip was found in a Columbus, Indiana pond. He had broken through the ice and even though he was near the edge, his rescuer said he was unable to get out of the pond by himself. The source of Flip's poor mobility stemmed from an ugly infection involving his groin and one rear leg (causing a three times larger than normal swelling of the infected area).

Luckily for Flip (named after Flip Wilson - the comedian, because he was such a clown), his rescuer had a big heart and a loving concern for rescued dogs. Flip was taken in, warmed up, and given some much needed love and attention which he relished and paid back with lots of licks and cuddles.

As it turns out, Flip's rescuer had visited the LABMED booth and information display at the previous year's Hoosier Labrador Retriever Club specialty, and so LABMED was contacted to see if funding for Flip could be arranged. The infection had gone so far that an abscess had developed then burst. Flip's temperature was 106, and he was in dire need of medical attention. LABMED quickly agreed to provide initial funding so that Flip could receive the necessary treatment for his ABCs, and further evaluation of his overall condition.

As the days went by, Flip responded well to antibiotics and rigorous cleaning of the infection site, so a surgically implanted drain wasn't needed. As Flip began to feel better, he became more and more rambunctious, and somewhat of a handful - signs that he was truly on the mend. It seems Flip developed the knack of opening the fridge and helping himself to whatever he could reach! His rescuer thought he'd make a great agility champion with all that pent up energy!

Labrador Retriever Rescue of Indiana was contacted in hopes that he could be placed with a new, loving family that could give Flip plenty of attention. It didn't take long to find Flip a family of his own. Here's a clip LABMED has received from his new family:

"Flip was adopted into the home of a relative of one of our volunteers! They have several acres, a few children, and fell in love with him right away! He is a sweet pup. Typical Labby personality - funloving, curious and energetic. He had already discovered his way into his foster-mom's fridge (!) and each time would bring his new prize right to her - so pleased with himself! He was too adorable!"

LABMED was glad to be able to help yet another Lab have a second chance.

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