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Freeway, January 2008

In January 2008, LABMED received an application for a dog whose plight somewhat resembled that of the dog who started it all, our beloved Buddy. This dog is known as Freeway, because he was found along a freeway in Texas. He had been hit by a car, one leg broken and a hip dislocated, and lay there until a woman and her son happened down the road and the boy saw the dog's head lift. He begged his mother to go back and check on the dog, and she did. The dog, a chocolate Lab, lifted his head again, his eyes begging for help. The woman left to get her husband and they returned, staying with the animal until he was picked up by animal control and taken to a shelter. The woman couldn't get this sweet dog off her mind and she called the shelter to find out how long they would keep him. They said three days. She went to the shelter the very next day to check on him and to her horror found that the shelter was going to euthanize him within the next few minutes. She could not let that happen and asked to take him, so he was loaded into her truck and was taken to her vet. The doctor said Freeway needed surgery to repair the fractured leg and to put the hip back into position. LABMED provided a portion of the funding and, because of the large amount of money needed for surgery on two legs, made some other suggestions for fund-raising to the applicant. She created a page on and some LABMED Board members helped spread the word to their friends and family. Within a few days, enough had been raised to take care of Freeway's needs and he had his surgery at last. Freeway is now recuperating at the home of his rescuer and is quickly becoming part of the family. He is quite the escape artist - already bounding over baby gates - but gets along well with their two existing dogs. He is their 'special boy'.

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