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Gunnar, September, 2001

GunnarGunnar was a black Lab from Minnesota who seemed to have run out of luck. Found tied outside a feed store on the Leech Lake Reservation, he was taken to the pound for a five day stay prior to his scheduled euthanasia. A tribal police officer felt sorry for the dog, and took him to the Beltrami Humane Society. Gunnar was covered with infected bite and scratch wounds, and had been shot in the left shoulder. LABMED was told he would require x-rays and possible surgery to remove a bullet from his shoulder, as well as medication for his infected wounds. We voted to fund Gunnar's vet check-up and surgery.

Funding secured, Gunnar was taken to the vet for treatment, where it was determined that the wound in his shoulder thought to be a lodged bullet was actually a stab wound, and that someone had shot and stabbed him. Scar tissue had built up in the wound, causing him to limp. He had full range of motion and no pain, however, so rest and gentle exercise were prescribed.

During his stay in the shelter, a nice lady had been coming to visit Gunnar regularly. When the vet's prognosis was delivered, she decided to open her heart and home to this special dog. In the words of the Beltrami Humane Society Director, "He will never again know a cold night with no shelter- never will he have to worry about where he will get his next meal- and never again will he be hurt and alone. His story is not just a happy ending- but rather is just a beginning!"

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