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Gus, January, 2001

Gus is available for adoption, check the LABMED Adoption Page for contact information.

Gus An animal control officer in Athens, GA picked up this black boy and took him to the shelter. The young Lab had been hit by a car; he was not wearing a collar and nobody came forward to claim him. After the mandatory 5 day holding period, the injured dog was released to a rescue group -Canine Angels.

Gus was taken to a vet immediately since he was obviously in pain. His left back leg was swollen more than twice the normal size and there as an open wound that had been infected. The vet found multiple pelvic fractures and a broken femur. The pelvic fractures would heal without surgery but the femur needed surgery - the vet had to insert a pin to stabilize the bone. The rescuer decided to go ahead with the surgery immediately. The injury was already over a week old and waiting longer would decrease the chances of full recovery. LABMED was contacted to help with the bills and we were more than happy to do so. The rescuer told us that even though Gus was in pain, he tolerated the examination and manipulation of the injured leg without complaining.

gusGus is recovering in a foster home. The vet will remove the pin in his leg under sedation after 6 weeks. Until then Gus may only have limited exercise and his foster parents are doing daily exercises with him to help the leg heal. Gus is feeling much better, he is already starting to bear weight on his injured leg and he would rather run and play than lie quietly in the crate.

Update: February, 2001

Gus From Gus' Rescuer: "Gus continues to be in foster care with me and is a great supervisor for all the many dogs and cats around here. He gets along with EVERYONE....including all dogs, puppies, cats and even my mean old grouchy pugs! He is a great dog and will make a perfect addition to any family. He is going in the week of the 20th for surgery to remove his pin and for neutering."

One more update and a new picture: "Gus was neutered and had his pin pulled last week and is healing well. He may however need further surgery down the road because of the many breaks that occurred in his a FHO. Right now it is not needed, but he does walk with a limp but it improves every day. He is a great dog who seems to love everyone, but does have a stubborn streak!!! He just stops dead and you have to PUSH!!!"

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