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Gus2, June 2002

Gus2Gus is a seven year old chocolate Labrador Retriever who was discovered by Packerdogs Lab Rescue in a shelter in Wisconsin. Gus' time in the shelter was short because he had tested positive for heartworms. Many people assume that up in the cold North, heartworms would not be a problem for dogs. Due to the high mobility of society today, however, heartworm disease has been found in all fifty states. Packerdogs Rescue couldn't bear to see the sweet chocolate Lab euthanized for a treatable condition, so space was made in a foster home. After he was released from the shelter, Packerdogs began to gather funds for treatment. One source of funding for the treatment was LABMED. With funding obtained, Gus started on his heartworm treatment and is doing well. He is recovering at his foster home and is still available for adoption. So if you have room in your heart and your home for a big cuddly chocolate Lab, visit and check out the available dogs -- Gus is still looking for his forever home.

Update, August 2002

Gus is doing wonderfully. When I first got him, I thought what the heck did I get myself into! He was an awful mess, one of the worst I've seen. He was scrawny, his coat was awful, he had these gross sores all over his chin and eyes, terrible ear infections. He just moped around, hardly wagged his tail or anything. He's now filled out nicely, his coat is on it's way to looking nice, he's always wagging his tail, he's extremely well behaved and polite. After what seemed like months of giving him tons of medicine - antibiotics, ointments, ear drops - twice a day, he's almost perfect, except the sores on his chin are taking a long time to heal. He's a sweet dog though.

Thanks so much!

Packerdogs Lab Rescue

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