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Hershey3, August, 2000

HersheyAs told by Hershey's rescuer:

Hershey was just three months old when she was hit by a neighbor's car. She was brought into my office just minutes later. My biggest surprise was that despite two hip fractures, one femur fracture and two fractures in her hock (ankle), she never once whimpered in pain. In fact, she could still manage a little tail wag for me. Her multiple fracture repair needed to be referred to a veterinary surgeon for specialized surgery. Financially overwhelmed, and unable to commit to rehabilitation, the owners opted for euthanasia. In my heart, I knew Hershey could be fixed, so I asked the owners to relinquish her ownership instead to see what I could do. She was a special dog, and I couldn't let go that easily.

With time of the essence for her fracture repair, I sent out a desperate e-mail to all the Lab Rescue organizations I could find on the Internet. (I need to mention, of course, that our local Lab Rescue generously donated to the cause.) My hope was that collectively, we could pull enough money to cover her bill. The next day, I received a call at work from a LABMED Board Member. Of my over 50 e-mail addresses, hers was the last! She explained that she usually didn't check her e-mails in the morning, but did that day for some reason. It must have been fate! I cried as she explained LABMED's purpose to me and suggested that I apply for assistance for Hershey. After an emergency application, Hershey was on her way to the surgeon that very day!

HersheyHershey spent four weeks of recovery at my home before she was clear to be placed by our local Lab Rescue. I'd say it was painstaking, but she never once complained and was always eager to get up and go. What a model of encouragement she was! About three weeks ago, Hershey went to her new home complete with a big sister ("Cocoa", a nine year old Chocolate Lab as well). Her seven week post-op report from the surgeon was excellent. He noted that especially in light of her sheer number of fractures, her recovery was "impressive". Two more weeks and she is clear of all restrictions. I know she can't wait!

As a person, I believe that all of our experiences come along for a reason. As a veterinarian, I see the good, the bad, and the ugly as far as animals are concerned. I can honestly say that I have never been more impressed with an outpouring of generosity as I am with LABMED. There is no questions that Hershey would not be alive if it weren't for their giving spirit. With LABMED as her guardian angel, Hershey is now starting her life over, with a running start at that! We can only save these creatures one at a time, and you can count Hershey as another one saved. Thank you LABMED!!!

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