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Higgins, August 1998

HigginsFound wandering without a collar, and placed in a shelter, this beautiful yellow boy was reaching the end of his allowed 12 day stay. Higgins (as he was to be called) had tested positive for heartworms and would need treatment before he could be adopted. With just a few days left for poor Higgins, the shelter manager took pity on him and posted a notice in the DOG-RESCUE e-mail list which was spotted by Greg Rose, a LABMED board member. Greg brought Higgins's plight to the attention of the rest of LABMED's board, and contacted the shelter to see if LABMED could help. Along with the Gwinnett Humane Society, LABMED provided funding for Higgins' heartwork treatment and post treatment care.

Described as a gorgeous and extremely gentle yellow lab, Higgins has an excellent temperament, likes his belly scratched (what lab doesn't?) and gets along wonderfully with everyone - humans, dogs or cats.

Higgins is another example of a dog with a preventable condition. If only his owners had cared enough to give him the heartworm preventative medicine! The vet in charge of Higgins says his chances of full recovery are excellent, and he should make a very loving pet for somebody's household.

Update: September, 1998

HigginsHiggins has been adopted! Email from the coordinator of Higgins rescue says: "He went to a young couple who had found a lab/collie mix and kept him after trying to locate his owners. I was not there and did not see the adoption, but the volunteers said the couple were great. The guy was rolling around on the floor playing with him and saying how awesome he was! The first follow up call said they were all doing well."

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