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Holly, November, 2000 & July, 2001

Holly November, 2000:

When an obviously lost but very friendly yellow Lab wandered on to his land in rural Oklahoma, the property owner - who had a Lab of his own - knew just what to do: he contacted Lab Rescue OK , Inc for help. Lab Rescue OK placed this beautiful girl, now named Holly, in a foster home while they attempted to track down her owner. Unfortunately, Holly did not have an identification tag, microchip, or tattoo. Signs went up in the area, newspaper ads were placed, and notices were posted at the local shelters, but no owners came forward to claim Holly.

Someone had obviously cared for Holly, though: she was housetrained, was well socialized with people and dogs, had been given some gundog training, and knew some charming tricks: when sticks were thrown in the water, Holly would retrieve them and line them up neatly in a row on the shore!

The only obstacle to placing Holly in a new home was that she had sustained an injury to her cruciate ligament and would need surgery to repair the damage. This was beyond the resources of Lab Rescue OK, so they contacted LABMED for help. LABMED was happy to provide the needed funds so that Holly's leg could be mended. Whoever ends up adopting Holly is going to be very lucky indeed!

Update, December, 2000

Holly's rescuer - who is fostering her as well - sent this update:

She has a new home to take her that is great. They lost their fifteen year old Lab. Holly will go to a great home. Her surgery has done wonders for her. She is a great dog who is so sweet. She stays in her kennel obediently. We are taking her swimming for the first time this Sunday. Anyone would be lucky to get Holly for their companion. We feel that Holly's new home will be an outstanding home. She will go to work with her new owner and be at a lake house on Lake Eufaula on weekends. Her surgery appears to be a total success.

Holly July, 2001:

Holly is a yellow Lab girl who came into rescue when she appeared in a garage in Oklahoma.� She had injured her left ACL when she was found.� Lab Rescue of Oklahoma applied to LABMED and Holly's left ACL repair was funded.� Holly went back to rescue and they submitted another application for her when the right knee gave problems and the previous left ACL repair became infected.� The right leg required a TPLO. Holly's vet also cleaned out the infected left leg surgery site.

LABMED was able to once again fund part of Holly's surgical expenses. The rest was picked up by caring individuals and donations to the rescue organization on Holly's behalf.� At last report, Holly was being adopted into a permanent home for her second chance at a happy life.

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