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Honey, October, 1999

Honey Honey is a female yellow Labrador Retriever who had a hard start in life. By two years of age she was a pregnant stray turned into the Dane County Humane Society. Here she had the litter of pups (according to the veterinarian this was probably not her first litter), and, together with her puppies, was put up for adoption.

At the Humane Society her luck finally took a turn for the better. She was noticed by a volunteer for the local Labrador Retriever rescue group. Although the group could not foster Honey due to her dislike of cats, they did refer potential adoptees to the Humane Society to check her out. Finally, the day came that a couple stopped by who couldn't resist her. They took her home on August 31st. The very next day the couple took Honey to see their veterinarian, for although Honey had been spayed at the shelter, she needed to have her vaccines, and be tested and put on heartworm preventive.

Another bad break happened for Honey -- she tested positive for heartworms. Honey's family was devastated. They were determined to see that Honey got treatment for this disease. Luckily, the local rescue contact who had initially steered them to the Humane Society to see Honey also put them in touch with LABMED. LABMED's board conferred with Honey's veterinarian and were assured that Honey's heartworm infection was mild and that, with treatment, she could go on to lead a normal life. Therefore, LABMED was happy to agree to help pay for Honey's treatment and today she is a bouncy, healthy normal Labrador Retreiver.

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