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Hoochie, September 2002

Hoochie is the September Buddy Arnold Memorial Fund Dog

When Hoochie, a male chocolate Lab believed to be about 5 years old, began to frequent a grocery store parking lot in Hensley, Arkansas, employees contacted a local animal-rescue organization known as Helping Hands for Little Paws. At 88 pounds, Hoochie had paws that were anything but little. Just as large, for that matter, was his heart. Hoochie, according to observers, was running with and caring for a little beagle that was often by his side. Both were rescued, and when Hoochie was found to have health problems, LABMED was contacted for assistance.

Thanks to Helping Hands and Jacksonville Animal Hospital, even though no one claimed the homeless Lab, Hoochie continued to be nurtured by his rescuers. An examination revealed that his condition was generally poor, and that he had heartworms, hot spots, and tick and flea infestation. With treatment and loving foster care, however, Hoochie recovered, gained weight, and continued to display amazing sweetness. Thanks to everyone involved in Hoochie's rescue and recovery, he is well on his way to getting a permanent home!

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