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Houdini, November, 2000

HoudiniHoudini, a 5-month-old black female pup, had been hit by a car and was literally lying in the middle of a busy California road, motorists swerving around her. Luck was with Houdini, however. A rescuer saw Houdini lift her head and stopped to put the injured dog in her car.

During the road-to-car transfer and the car-to-vet transfer, the injured pup never once growled, snapped or showed any signs of aggression. She had a broken right rear leg and the break was such that it required surgical repair. The break was not close to the joint, however, so the vet thought there would be no complications and probably not even any arthritis as Houdini ages. Fortunately, there were no other injuries-- not even any scrapes on her skin.

The rescuer contacted LABMED for help with Houdini's surgical expenses and we were happy to help get this little girl back on her feet. The surgery went well; she has an external fixator and pins in her leg.

Houdini is now at her rescuer's house recovering. She was frightened at first and hid behind the toilet, but when her crate was set up she went right in and rested.

Houdini has already lived up to her name. Her rescuer used a "kiddie gate" to restrict Houdini to the kitchen while she ate--and the rescuer made a personal "pit stop." Next thing you know, Houdini was standing at the bathroom door. She either climbed over it or just outright jumped it and made her escape--just like her namesake!

Update: March, 2001

Houdini - now called Lady - has found her forever home. Her rescuer wrote this: "I am very happy to say that Houdini (now known as Lady) is in a wonderful new forever home. She is with a very nice couple who live on five fenced acres out in "the country". They have another dog, so Lady has company. I received a note from them just a couple weeks ago and they said everyone was adjusting well and that Lady had not made any attempts to live up to her previous name sake."

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