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Hunter, June 1999

Hunter Hunter's life changed dramatically the day that he was trying to cross the street near a bus stop. A teen-aged girl watched, to her dismay, as he was struck by a car and thrown to the other side of the street. The car never stopped. Hunter's young rescuer raced home to get her parent to assist with the injured dog. While waiting for help to arrive, the other teens at the rest stop crowded around and gently held Hunter to prevent him from getting up. Even though he must have been in a great deal of pain, the black Lab exhibited no hostility!

His rescuer's vet agreed to treat the injured dog who had a dislocated hip with bone chips in the socket. LABMED, with assistance from Puget Sound Labrador Retriever Association's rescue group, contributed to this remarkable story by funding Hunter's surgery.

Hunter is recovering in the loving foster care of his rescuers. He has quite a wonderful personality says his foster mom, "My fifteen year old and he were having a contest to see who could whine with the most pitiful quality. I can tell you that he knows this is a game because his tail is going and he listens intently to [her] tone before he answers. I sure hope he goes to a family, he will definitely be a great addition."

Update on Hunter: June, 1999

"Just to let you know that "Hunter" has been adopted by a wonderful family! His new family met with Hunter several times, and talked with the vet also. This is a very active, outdoor-oriented family who plan to include Hunter in all family activities. He will be an indoor pet, however. Hunter is recovering well from his surgery, and is expected to have normal movement."

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