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Jackson, June, 2000

JacksonThis big 1 1/2 year old chocolate boy was found in a fenced dog park in Tampa, FL. Another dog owner who was a regular visitor to the dog park noticed him and kept an eye on him for three days. When it became apparent that Jackson's owners had abandoned him there, that person took him to Labrador Rescue of Florida. The rescue took Jackson in and took him to a vet for his health check.

Jackson was badly flea-bitten and had lost some hair; the people at the rescue believed that was because he had been an outdoor dog. They made sure Jackson had all his shots and he was neutered and placed into a foster home to determine his temperament and find out if there may have been other causes for the hair loss. Jackson proved to be a friendly dog; he got along fine with other dogs and loved being around humans.

Jackson had been in foster care for four weeks when he swallowed the string of a pull toy. This caused an intestinal blockage and he needed surgery. He was rushed to the vet who operated immediately. Jackson's foster mom paid for the surgery, then applied to LABMED for funding.

LABMED was happy to fund Jackson's surgery. We spoke to the vet about his prognosis a few days after Jackson was rushed in. The vet told us that he was a bit concerned at first because Jackson didn't bounce back as fast as was expected; he still had a lot of pain the day after the surgery. The vet kept Jackson in the hospital a little longer for that reason and also told Jackson's foster mom that if Jackson didn't improve in another day or two, he might have to operate again. But Jackson got better the next day and was on his way to a full recovery.

After Jackson had recovered from his surgery, he went to his forever home. His new mom told LABMED that he wakes her up every morning by putting one paw on her shoulder and slipping the other one under her neck; then he puts his head on her neck and licks her cheek. Jackson's hair has grown back and his coat is steadily improving. He gets along well with the other dog living at his new home: they lick each other's faces and ears. Jackson's story truly has a happy ending. He has found a home where he gets the love and attention he seems to have missed earlier in his life.

Update, November 2002

Update from Jackson's new family:

Jackson is doing great and is a big teddy bear. He enjoys playing with his rescued brother, Hoover. Jax's hair has grown back completely and he adjusted to living indoors rather quickly. I believe Jackson was your first rescue in Florida and saving him was worth every penny. Thank you again.  (Signed: Jackson, Zoe, Hoover and Laurie.

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