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Jake8, May 2002

Jake 8 In March 2002, LABMED encountered Jake. Jake, a 2-1/2 year old chocolate Lab-Bassett mix, is one of the more unusual dogs LABMED has funded. We needed to see several pictures of him and solicit the opinions of his rescuers and vet before we could definitely say he was Lab enough to meet our funding criteria.

Jake, who had been used as a hunting dog, was surrendered by his owner, who was filing for personal bankruptcy and entering a senior assisted living facility. Living in Ohio, Jake found his way into the Lake Erie Labrador Retriever Rescue (LELRR) by way of a German Shorthaired Pointer rescue. Jake8Jake had been kenneled with a GSP and a representative of that breed's rescue saw Jake and notified LELRR. Like so many LABMED dogs, Jake was heartworm-positive. Fortunately, no other health problems were identified and his prognosis for a long, healthy life was good. After much debate, we voted to fund.

Jake is a sweet dog with true Lab temperament. A bit lacking in confidence at first, he is gaining more every day. Jake's heartworm treatment is completed now and he is in foster care looking for his forever home. Could it be yours?

Update, August 2002

"Jake" has had his name shortened to "J-J," which he seems to like better. He has been a very interesting dog to foster. He does not yet have a "forever" home, but I have high hopes.

"J-J" is one of the softest, sweetest dogs anyone could ever want to meet. When he first came into foster care in March, he was very unsure of what a human being really wanted. This was probably largely due to the fact that his original owner was a "practicing alcoholic," and so probably sent VERY conflicting signals to this little dog, depending on time of day and amount of alcohol consumed.

At any rate, "J-J" solved the problem by simply lying down whenever and wherever he felt intimidated. No crouching, no tail between the legs, just DOWN and held VERY STILL.

Well now it is first week August, and while he is not a totally different dog, he has come a LONG way. He will actually jump up and put his front paws on my thigh in greeting! He will allow me to pet him when he eats - does not flinch, does not lie down, does not "freeze," all of which he did for so long.

He responds beautifully to being called. I am sure he would stick around if allowed off lead outside the exercise yard, but I dare not press my luck. He is clean as a whistle when kept overnight in a crate, does not carry on (a few initial barks when put up for the night and then all is quiet).

So hopefully this dog who has come out of a shell, and has left disease and parasites behind him, will find a wonderful family that will appreciate what a GREAT companion he will be.

Thanks for all you do; you make SUCH a difference!

Lake Erie Labrador Retriever Rescue, Inc.

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