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Jax, July, 2000

JaxA young couple in Los Angeles, CA was looking to adopt a Lab. They saw Jax, a yellow male on the website of SCLRR . Jax appeared to be a very young dog; the rescue's vet had checked him over very carefully and guessed him to be about 2 years old. The young couple went to meet Jax and they decided to adopt him.

They took Jax to their vet to have the stitches from his neuter surgery and some stitches in his ear removed. Their vet noticed that Jax seemed to have some joint problems. Upon closer examination, the vet found that Jax had hip dysplasia and severe arthritis. This vet thought that Jax was older than the first vet had thought; he guessed him to be about 6 or 7 years old.

The next day Jax's new parents discovered some lumps on Jax's rear. They had those biopsied and found that Jax had mast cell cancer. Jax's parents were heartbroken; they had come to love this friendly dog very much in the short time he had been with them and they wanted to do whatever they could to try and get him healthy. This involved surgery to remove the tumors and an appointment with a cancer specialist to discuss further treatment. The bills piled up quickly and they applied to LABMED for help. LABMED decided to fund Jax's diagnostics, the x-rays and the initial surgery to remove the two tumors.

Jax's parents have decided to go ahead with the chemotherapy the cancer specialist had recommended. Jax himself is taking all these examinations, procedures and medications in stride. He continues to be an active and friendly dog and enjoys the love and affection his parents show him.

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